The Best Apartment Location for You in Lewisville

The Best Apartment Location for You in Lewisville

Searching for an apartment requires a fairly serious time commitment, and it’s essential to consider features like the apartment’s amenities, your future commute, and the quality of the apartment as you tour different properties.

Which of these features is the most important to your future happiness?

In many cases, the location of your future apartment can have a cascading effect on the other features of your apartment. For example, you might have a favorite chain store where you shop each week, but one apartment you decide to tour doesn’t have this store in a convenient location. Can you give up getting to shop there each week? It might depend on the amenities you receive, as well as whether you get a better commute or other benefits from the community.

Here are a few things to consider as you search for your new apartment in Lewisville.

Make a List of Your Favorite Places to Eat, Shop, and Play

Do you enjoy the routine and convenience of getting your food at the same retailers week? Do you have a particular grocery store you always visit on the way home from work where it only takes you a few minutes to get your shopping done each week? It’s important to figure out whether the conveniences you have today can be replicated in some way at your new apartment.

Lewisville Apartment CommunityTry to find the following businesses within a mile or two of your new apartment:

  • Grocery stores
  • Pharmacy and doctor’s offices
  • Gas stations

Consider exploring your new community to find these places rather than simply looking them up online. If you’re from the Dallas region, you probably have enough time to spend a day exploring the streets around an apartment you’re considering in Lewisville. Try to see if you can snag a parking spot, and take a walk in the area.

Tip: Your initial impressions about your new neighborhood count for a lot, and it’s helpful to spend some time near an apartment before you commit to a lease.

If you’re not from Texas, and you have to find a place in Lewisville before actually moving to the city, a “drive” around town via Google Maps is an activity to consider. In addition to examining all the pictures of the apartment community on the official website, you can also explore the streets around the property.

Driving to View a New Apartment for RentTake a Test Drive of the Community

One of the interesting projects you can consider is driving your commute – or any other common trip you might take – from your new apartment. If you’re a student, and you take night classes, you might consider driving to class from the apartment to get an idea about the time commitment for the drive.

Similarly, if you commute to work every morning, you might want to drive that route one morning to see what the traffic feels like and whether you can find a route with good roads or where the traffic isn’t particularly terrible. You might even think about looking at other types of transportation if your commute will be drastically different than your old commute.

For example, if you currently drive to work but will be moving much closer to your place of employment, you might think about using a bicycle to get to work. You can also investigate the availability of car pools, ride shares, and walking to work. Alternatively, if you’re facing a longer commute, you might need to look at a better car if you’re currently driving a gas guzzler.

Rose Hill Apartments Near The Colony TexasTake a Tour of Rose Hill in Lewisville

Are you looking for a brand new apartment home in Lewisville? Do you want to live in a luxurious apartment that’s filled with amenities and is ideally situated? Contact our leasing agents today to set up a tour. We’re sure you’ll want to become a resident of our exclusive community.