Exploring the Weather and Environment of Lewisville and The Colony

Many people who haven’t lived in Texas before tend to assume the entire state runs at a temperature of 100 degrees for most of the year, but the truth is the state does offer its inhabitants some fairly large extremes in temperature and weather over the average year.

In Lewisville, which sits right next door to The Colony, the minimum temperature seen in December, which has some of the coldest days of the year, is 16 degrees Fahrenheit, according to data from Area Vibes.

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Highlights of Lewisville & Your New Home in The Colony

Lewisville, Texas offers its residents an affordable cost-of-living, convenient proximity to communities like The Colony, and a vibrant tradition of entertainment, arts, and culture. While nearby Dallas exists as a monument to sleek, urban skyscrapers, its size and urban sprawl have led to a rather impressive migration of residents from the busy city center to the suburbs that encircle the entire Dallas-Fort Worth region.

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