Highlights of Lewisville & Your New Home in The Colony

Highlights of Lewisville & Your New Home in The Colony

Lewisville, Texas offers its residents an affordable cost-of-living, convenient proximity to communities like The Colony, and a vibrant tradition of entertainment, arts, and culture. While nearby Dallas exists as a monument to sleek, urban skyscrapers, its size and urban sprawl have led to a rather impressive migration of residents from the busy city center to the suburbs that encircle the entire Dallas-Fort Worth region.

While it’s hard to escape the impressive urban sprawl that has occurred in North Texas, it is still possible to find communities outside of Dallas that offer a quaint balance of modernity and sophistication, as well as small-town charm and friendliness. Here are some reasons you may wish to choose Lewisville as the site of your future apartment.

Excellent Job Opportunities in Lewisville

Lewisville is slightly northwest of Dallas and is surrounded by communities like The Colony, Flower Mound, and Frisco. All of these communities benefit from low unemployment and excellent proximity to natural areas like Lewisville Lake. According to Best Places, the unemployment rate in Lewisville is 3.40%, which is almost two percentage points lower than the national average of 5.20%.

However, the explosive growth in Lewisville has given the community some growing pains. For example, the cost-of-living in Lewisville is 2.70% higher than the national average. Although this increase in cost-of-living probably wouldn’t put too much pressure on the average family, it is a factor to consider when comparing current income to the income you might receive at a new job in Lewisville.

You may wish to research the cost-of-living in your current town versus the national average and compare it to the cost-of-living in Lewisville. You can take an extra step in your research by making a few phone calls or visiting the town for a quick walkthrough of a grocery store. Are the prices for items like milk, eggs, and other frequently purchased items similar to your current home?

Enjoyable Afternoons in Lewisville

The City of Lewisville offers its residents many opportunities to attend special events and festivals, as well as parks, recreational venues, and learning centers. According to the City of Lewisville’s official website, the city not only has a wealth of recreational venues and parks, but it also provides cool sporting opportunities:

“Lewisville is also a great place to try disc golf, a challenging sport that involves throwing plastic discs into metal chain baskets situated on a course of nine, 18 or 24 holes, similar to regular golf. The game is a great activity for adults as well as kids.”

From theaters and the arts to outdoor adventures, Lewisville provides its residents with something new to experience every weekend, and its convenient location also makes it easy to take advantage of adventures, work, and school in nearby communities like The Colony.

Did You Know? Lewisville has the most retail space of any community in the area. If you don’t want to head outdoors, you’ll find many shopping venues around town, like the Vista Ridge Mall.

Make Lewisville Your Home at Rose Hill Apartments

If you’re thinking about a move to Lewisville and aren’t yet sure which apartment community to choose, we invite you to consider Rose Hill as your future home. We’re sure one of our spacious apartment homes will appeal to you and help you create the ideal home for you and your family. Contact us today to arrange a tour.