Exploring the Weather and Environment of Lewisville and The Colony

Exploring the Weather and Environment of Lewisville and The Colony

Many people who haven’t lived in Texas before tend to assume the entire state runs at a temperature of 100 degrees for most of the year, but the truth is the state does offer its inhabitants some fairly large extremes in temperature and weather over the average year.

In Lewisville, which sits right next door to The Colony, the minimum temperature seen in December, which has some of the coldest days of the year, is 16 degrees Fahrenheit, according to data from Area Vibes. Conversely, the highest temperature seen in July, which is the hottest month of the year, is 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although the temperature doesn’t always get to 16 degrees in the winter and the summers don’t always see 104 degrees, the “spread” between those two extremes is quite a bit more than many other places in and outside of Texas.

What’s the Climate Like in Lewisville?

The climate in Lewisville is actually quite like a lot of the country as far as rainfall is concerned, but the city’s snowfall amounts are often near zero. According to Sperling’s Best Places, Lewisville residents can expect about 38 inches of rain each year, but they might only see a single inch of snow.

The city’s inhabitants also get to enjoy quite a few sunny days each year with the average hovering around 230 sunny days. Lewisville’s “comfort index,” which measures how comfortable the city is year-round is 63 on a scale of 1 to 100, which means it’s more comfortable throughout the year than the average American city, which has a comfort index of 54.

The climate in Lewisville might feel a little too hot for some people in the summer, but the rest of the features of its climate would likely be considered quite comfortable and above average when compared to the entire country. With more sunny days, less snowfall, fewer days clouded by rain, and lows that only rarely get below freezing, Lewisville offers residents a comfortable environment that still offers a refreshing change of seasons.

What Outdoor Activities Can I Participate in as a Lewisville Resident?

You might not expect to be able to ski in convenient proximity to Miami, and you probably won’t travel to Denver to spend a day at the ocean, but many cities across the country offer unexpected activities and entertainment. In Lewisville, paid activities range from hot air balloon trips and sailing charters to golfing and watercraft rentals.

On the less expensive side of things, there are many recreation centers, parks, and walking trails throughout Lewisville that are ideal for spending some of the few hundred sunny days you can expect while living in the town. The City of Lewisville has a helpful list of bicycle and walking trails that you can visit around town.

Some of the popular parks where you can find a trail walk of at least a mile in length include Central Park, Fox Creek, Memorial Park, and Valley Ridge. The city’s website also quite a few parks, campgrounds, aquatics centers, athletics venues, and recreation centers where you can have fun with your friends and family.

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