Commuting Times from Your Lewisville Apartment Near the Colony

Commuting Times from Your Lewisville Apartment Near the Colony

The commute you endure each morning can impact the quality of your entire day, and it’s essential to try out the commute for your potential new home before you finalize your move. Whenever you tour a new apartment in Lewisville, it may be helpful to pretend like you’re going to work in the morning from the apartment to your work before you sign your lease.

Is the commute tolerable? Is it too long? Your apartment might feel wonderful, but your enjoyment of your apartment and job may decrease if your commute is too long. If you’re curious as to the general commuting times in Lewisville, here are some statistics on travel times.

How Many Commuters are on the Road in Lewisville?

rs a fascinating look at the actual number of people driving on the roads each morning in Lewisville, and as one would expect, the half hour of 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM is the busiest time for traveling. Not only is this the hour where people are headed to work, but it’s also the time when students and parents are heading to class in the morning.

Around 5:00 AM, there are approximately 1,192 commuters on any given weekday. By 7:00 AM, that number rises to 8,413 commuters. Usually, rush hour ends by the 10:00 hour when the number of commuters falls to 1,050.  However, despite the predictable increase in commuters throughout the morning, commuting times for residents aren’t so predictable.

Overall, there are approximately 9,473 commuters who have a commute of 30 to 34 minutes. Other popular commuting durations include 15 to 19 minutes with 7,198 commuters and 10 to 14 minutes with 6,965 commuters. A tiny portion of commuters – around 872 – enjoy a commute of fewer than five minutes, and a similarly small number of commuters – about 826 commuters – have to endure a commute of more than 90 minutes.

How Do Lewisville Residents Get to Work?

Geo Stat provides additional details on the methods of travel for Lewisville residents, and it’s clear that the vast majority of residents travel to work in their own car without carpooling. At least 82.6% of commuters drive alone to work, and only 0.6% of residents utilize public transportation.

Compared to statistics across the state and nation, Lewisville residents are less likely to use public transportation, they’re slightly less likely to carpool, and they’re more likely to drive alone. Compared to the overall country, Lewisville commuters who drive alone tend to do so in the same percentage as the nation – 82.6%.

Interestingly, 0.7% of Lewisville residents walk to work, and 0.66% ride their bicycles to their jobs. Around 3.36% of fortunate residents work from home and don’t have to put up with a commute at all!  With the proliferation of telecommuting jobs, it’s likely that the number of work-at-home residents will continue to increase over the next several years.

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